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in Heidi Klum’s bag October 14, 2007

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Beauty, Celebrities.

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What type of bag are you carrying right now?
Which items do you always have in your bag?

A wallet with lots of pictures of my children, lip balm, Nars powder in Beach, MAC bronzing powder no. A24, perfume, keys, and Michael Kors aviator sunglasses.
Which fragrance and lip gloss do you carry?
Orlane lip gloss no. 40—and my signature scent is “Heidi Klum.” Check it out on my website, HeidiKlum.com.
What should a woman always carry with her?
Breath mints—because you never know…
For women such as yourself who are always on the go, do you recommend carrying snacks in your bag?
Absolutely. You have to keep your body nourished when you’re running around. I always carry protein bars and shakes made by my trainer, David Kirsch.



1. Emily - November 9, 2007

I’m wondering how she carries shakes in her purse lol. ;] And also, ha at the shameless plugging. She’s so cute though, it really doesn’t matter.

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