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blushing… January 22, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Interior Design.

Pink is and has always been the color I’m somehow drawn to. Here, a scrapbook of eclectic use of the color pink in interior decorating. If there’s too much pink, it’s way too much like a child’s room and very un-chic. When used appropriately, the look is florid rather than saccharine; and we just love it.

Gennifer Goodman’s apartment

Canadian House & Home

Mrs. Me Bedtime Stories (don’t ask…?)

Betsey Johnson’s home

The best advice when decorating with pink is keep it simple. Use it as an accent, and stick with the same color family. Don’t mix fuchsia and real baby pink and expect it to carry a grown-up space. Also, try to keep everything else more mature and refined. Dark and lacquered woods add major drama, and nothing adds glamour like gold gilding…or paint.



1. alicia - January 22, 2008

I love the second picture. That room is so gorgeous!

2. Kristin - January 22, 2008

I love pink. I want my bedroom done in pink. Well it’s one of my choices. It’s such a pretty color.

3. Tiffany - January 22, 2008

Beautiful pictures. As you said, pink should be used as an accent or defining colour only. I hate seeing rooms that look too overdone or childish.

4. Elisa - January 22, 2008

I love this post, it makes me want to do my room like Betsey’s.

5. Helen - January 24, 2008

Ah Betsy Johnson. She does everything better. 😛

Love the pictures.

6. Heather Jacqueline - January 25, 2008

That pink dresser is DEVINE!

7. A Fabulous Shade of Blushing « Gilding the Lily - January 25, 2008

[…] Link: glamjunkie […]

8. Trisha - January 26, 2008

I want it all!

9. Katie G - August 18, 2009

so where do I get one of those pink typewriters? I gotta have one too.

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