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endless. March 25, 2008

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roadside nostalgia March 21, 2008

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Since I absolutely love anything to do with Route 66, vintage road signs and ephemera, 1950’s diners and Americana…here are a few more pictures I’ve gathered. I think these are just so cool!


Vintage ad for Papaburger (good ol’ A&W, it does not get better my friends…I miss the South!)

Tad’s Chicken n’ Dumplings in Troutdale, Oregon 

The Steak n’ Shake in Springfield, Missouri

A cafe in Oklahoma…love the giant fiberglass figures, such an awesome relic!

Tacoma, Washington

Henry’s in Cicero, Illinois

we’ll be needing… March 21, 2008

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These awesomely cute angel earrings from Betsey Johnson. I love that they’re done in felt, adorable.

I absolutely love Sailor Jerry’s stuff, and the idea of traditional tattoos. This top is awesome but requires no commitment…whew!

NYC subway map March 20, 2008

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I absolutely need this shower curtain! I think I got the idea when Carrie (Bradshaw…who else?) and Berger were at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Season 5 of Sex and the City. I love anything to do New York City, and this chic shower curtain brings a bit of metropolitan glamour into any bathroom. Purchase here.

tagged… March 19, 2008

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…by the beautiful and talented Sophie. Seven random tidbits about yours truly. Aren’t you excited?!

1. The most romantic date for me is a lovely, quiet, candlelit dinner, followed by a walk on the beach. I live close to the ocean, and it’s such an important thing to me, I doubt I could ever move to a non-coast-adjacent state. I don’t care how cliche it is, either…

2. My favorite restaurant is Viola V’s in my home city of Rochester. Their Masterpiece Marsala is to die…well, everything on their menu is awesome. Plus it’s got the best atmosphere (they have the coolest artwork and paintings, Christmas lights year-round, wrought-iron chairs)…and it’s underrated and offbeat in location (next to the DMV!), so it’s never that crowded. Any excuse I get to go there, I jump at it!

3. Lately I can’t get enough of The Weepies. I have loved folk music since my mom got me listening to Peter, Paul and Mary when I was just a tot. I’m in love with the song “Gotta Have You” right now, it’s so simple and sweet, but so meaningful at the same time.

4. I love horseback riding. If I could, I would go all the time.

5. I’m a big believer in astrology and the zodiac…I’m a Leo through and through.

6. I’m a hardcore bargain shopper. I rarely buy clothes or shoes full price unless they’re crazy cheap to begin with, or in the rare case that I have to have it and am afraid it will disappear if I don’t buy it immediately. I think it has to do with me being young, working, and perpetually broke, but I make straight for the clearance racks. My friends get annoyed because I’ll pick through racks for a really long time–you find the best stuff on clearance sometimes.

7. I don’t cook very often…but my “ideal” self is always preparing gourmet meals. Someday I’d love to have a great kitchen and whip up culinary delights on a nightly basis, and wow the pants off some lucky man.

Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns March 19, 2008

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J. California Cooper’s Wild Stars is a worthy collection of cautionary, life-inspired short stories. Cooper delicately bridges the gap between wisdom and coming off as too preachy. The story titles are lyrical, but best of all is her introduction to the book, chanting the beauty of the good. However, most of the stories end abruptly with little closure. Nonetheless, Cooper’s stories urge us to maintain strong moral fiber in our choices of love and life, and show the simple pain of a lonely heart afflicted many realistic but often dramatized, “worst-case” dilemmas. A worthwhile, simply-written book to be treasured.

pinkytoast March 16, 2008

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I’ve been checking out Pinkytoast’s art and dolls for awhile now. I love the big-eyed characters, her use of whimsy and color, the sense of fantasy, and also the darkness and edge she gives to something that could come off as overly childlike. She has a range of characters from her Tattoo Girls to her Sweet Tooth Girls, and she’s always coming up with something new. A few of my many favorites:

Tie Up My Heart Circus Girl

Twilight and a Midnight Swan

Little Tattoo Mermaid

Sweet Ginger Heart

“Living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Pinkytoast…has a soft spot for all things, (well, most things) sweet and sour. Her original paintings, dolls, and drawings are peppered with pinks, sour pouts, big eyes, raindrops, baby doll dresses, twins, moon balloons, and flying bananas. [Her art]…is inspired by retro kitsch, fairy tales, little kiddles, mod fashion, blythe, dollfie, vintage rag dolls, sad clowns and circus shows, the melancholy of goth, and all things pink.”

Pinkytoast’s art is available for purchase at Etsy, the hardest part is choosing what to get!

heart, mind, soul March 16, 2008

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bed head March 10, 2008

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lulupowder.jpg Unwashed hair is a definite glamour don’t, but for those days you just want to hit the snooze, or maybe a morning-after “walk of shame,” there’s more than a few treatments that can help with the oily buildup that ruins your look. Our picks: For the bohemian girl: Lulu Organic’s Hair Powder. Just rub through your roots and you can extend your time between shampoos. And of course, since talc is completely carcinogenic (ha), it’s talc-free and completely all-natural: It’s made of cornstarch, rice powder, clay, horsetail powder (?!), baking soda, and essential oils — so it’s totally safe. Sold in four scents (lavender and sage, jasmine, patchouli and amber, and tuberose), the stuff comes in uber-gorgeous packaging (at least that’s what I love) and works miracles on grease. Purchase for $40 (yikes!) here.
For the glamour girl on the go, Cake Beauty makes a less expensive ($18) powder in the yummy scent of lemon cookies. Not only that, but you get to choose from a light and a dark shade, depending on your haircolor; as well as a separate sweet-smelling refreshing mist, any of which can be purchased here. Brilliant!

typetastic March 9, 2008

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Since I’m aching to do a classic, frilly, true “Glamour Junkie” post: Writing is my first true love. Nothing inspires such pure thought to me as the lovely, defined sight of a keyboard. I also have a lifelong affection for the color pink, and anything sweet and pretty, and vintage things, and so: Pure eye candy.


In our technology-driven here and now, typewriters are rendered essentially useless. But for decoration, how nostalgic and cute would it be to have one of these?