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boopsiedaisy July 28, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Art, Photography.
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“Doll Nut,” “Neo Polly Tan,” “Pam Cake” & “Ceasar Sally.”

I’ve been meaning to do a post on boopsiedaisy for awhile now. I stumbled across her on Etsy and instantly fell in love with her kitschy and frankly quite bizarre fine art prints. I love the injection of pure color, her sense of childlike whimsy mixed with an LA-Halloween-creepshow kind of vibe. Dolls’ heads mixed with food? (Her fantastic “Who’s on the Menu?” series) Crazy original and crazy cool. All her prints have cleverly punned names, too. I’m dying to collect some of her work, the hard part is deciding which prints to pick up.


Behind the Mask July 28, 2008

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Anarchy Club is an awesome rock band based out of Boston, MA; and this song in specific is kickass. 
Their website is very well done and I highly recommend reading their cool take on a band bio. I’m dying to hear them live.

Anarchy Club by My Lush Life.
j’adore the Hello Kitty guitar. ♥


I am darkness
I am night
I am vengeance
I bring light

I’m a winter breeze in summertime
The world is broken, I’m just fine
Looking day and living night
But I’m alright

Cloak and dagger
Cape and mask
Smoke and mirrors
Guilty past

I’m a winter breeze in summertime
The world is broken, I’m just fine
Looking day and living night
But I’m alright

I am the man behind the mask

I’m a winter breeze in summertime
The world is broken, I’m just fine
Looking day and living night
But I’m alright

feeling a brand new way July 25, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in music ♥.
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When I love something, I tend to do so wholly and immediately. Elizabethtown is one of my favorite films ever, and the extensive (dual-volume) and fantastic soundtrack is part of what makes it so great. The song I’d been trying to find was “Summer Long” (on the second volume) by Kathleen Edwards. It is such an incredible song; I completly adore it and can listen to it over and over. So fitting and true to the season. I’d been reading back issues of Elle (probably the smartest, chicest magazine, period) and they recommended her latest record, Asking for Flowers. I Myspaced her of course, and fell instantly in love with her folky sound, her relatable and heartfelt–but far from trite–lyrics. So check her out, she’s so talented. ♥

summer poem July 20, 2008

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the sky’s milk white
my hands around my coffee cup
–my little hands and dirty nails,
the days are longer
and I not quite as strong
as when ice glazed my world.
I count the days in pairs of pantyhose
and I still cross the streets with care
you see, for me it’s still May.

but darling,
there is no consolation,
only ashes from my cigarette,
the stars look burned
the amethyst sunset’s nothing for me.
the world a lonely carousel,
again I’m unprepared.
all I want is stronger flesh,
instead I have a series of
serrations against the wall of myself
and what I feel

glory of retrospect July 13, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Dating/Relationships, Notes, Personal.
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It’s true that we are the sum of our experiences. If I’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, it’s that life’s too short to live the same day twice. I’ve been to extreme highs and lows. I’ve swollen with arrogance and I’ve sunk with depression. Either way, it’s a thrilling feeling just to be alive. I find it hard to be overly bitter when cutting my losses. I’ve got some fond memories of some fantastic people who have all had a hand in sculpting the me I am, and the me I hope to someday be.

This goes out to countless people in specific, but no one in particular: Thank you…for teaching me not to get attached…for seeing the beauty in the unexpected…for learning how to let things go…for wining and dining me…for being a best friend…for holding me the way that you did…for duct tape…for mending me…for bruising me…for the song…for the dance…for picking me up…for the yellow balloon…for the best advice I ever received…for camping in…for the hit…for the journey…for showing me your world.

Fucking up is part of the beauty, because in the end it all works out. I look back and I think “ah. I get it now.” I’m a puzzle that even I can’t solve sometimes, but I know immediately when I like something/someone or not. Takes time to get good. I have had to maintain my strength even when it kills…but you absolutely can’t give up. I’ll always get back up, I’ll never dwell in failure or fear. “I fight every day.” (Thank you.)

Lie With Me July 9, 2008

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In Clement Virgo’s 2005 independent erotic drama Lie With Me, a sexually agressive Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) meets equally voracious David (Eric Balfour) and they begin a torrid affair. Not being used to commitment or real relationships, Leila only knows how to fuck, but not how to love…so begins the vein of drama that runs throughout the film. Beautifully shot, sexually explicit [read: adults only, truly] but not trashy, the movie tugs at certain parts in all of us. It’s a contemporary, lust-charged romance at the base of it all, dealing with the consequence of sex, promiscuity and how it can entangle two people otherwise adrift.

Bottom line: Sexy, brave and raw; I loved it.