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cherie mademoiselle October 31, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Fashion, Photography.

♥ these photos from Lula magazine of a French model named Siri. Had to share.

Whimsical, doll-like, feminine, beautiful, but with a certain darkness about her. Sumptuous but playful at the same time, which is why I love Lula in general; too bad it’s so expensive (imported things just are. Boo).


tvs music. October 31, 2008

Posted by Victoria Fredericks in Movies, music ♥.
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The first time I saw The Virgin Suicides once I owned the DVD, I watched the special features and saw the video for Air’s “Playground Love.” Searching for the song “Cherry Blossom Girl” I’ve discovered Air, which is a departure from what I usually listen to. My music taste is usually very organic, but so far I’m really digging it. The album art alone is so retro yet so hip at the same time. More proof that many good things, like Chanel and brie cheese, come from France. ♥