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a Big obsession January 23, 2008

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Still so sexcited and nearly five months to go! Can’t wait, nor can we (and by we, I mean I) stop crazily Googling for any SATC movie tidbits I can get my hands on…

Sex and the City Movie promotional display
“At a New York City HBO Shop (1100 Avenue of the Americas – Sixth Ave. & 42nd St.), a Marchesa runway rose dress clad mannequin sits framed by a wall of roses and a new SATC movie trailer, surrounded by holiday gifts; the only unopened package says SATC Movie. Do Not Open Until May 2008.” (Source: Sex and the City Movie Blog)

The first movie poster! Pink, sparkles, Sex. It doesn’t get better than this. Squee!

They’re keeping this one surprisingly under wraps; not that much juice has leaked out yet. The one annoying anecdote is that Jennifer Hudson (still milking her twenty-something played-out minutes of American Idol faux-fame) will be playing a new character, Carrie’s assistant. According to the official website, the film is being directed by Michael Patrick King, who is one of my dating/cinematic touchstones (I heart his commentaries)! From what I’ve seen on Youtube, IMDB, and so on, Sarah Jessica Parker is still impeccably dressed, true to form! And as for the Big wedding scene…well, we just can’t wait!


Taryn it up December 17, 2007

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Taryn Manning is near the top of our list of underrated celebrities. She’s an enticing mix of bubbly and edgy at the same time. With roles in 2003’s Crossroads (alongside Britney Spears) and 8 Mile under her belt, as well as a starring role in 2005’s Hustle and Flow, there’s no doubt that 28-year-old Ms. Manning has serious acting chops. Lately though, she’s been busy recording (a trans i-hop sound; alongside her brother–dubbed Boomkat) and designing for her 2-year-old label (founded with her longtime best friend) Born Uniqorn (meaning “born unique.”) The brand’s look is decidedly quirky with a bit of an 80’s flair. Hearts, unicorns, stars and rainbows are prevalent and the fabrics consist of comfy cotton and fleece; the cuts are casual but simultaneously flattering. We have always admired Taryn’s eclectic, funky style. The girl loves to roller-skate–what’s not to love? Taryn keeps it real (she parties in LA, but you don’t see her face plastered on tabloids and her interview persona is decidedly down-to-earth), and we’re definitely down with that.

in Heidi Klum’s bag October 14, 2007

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What type of bag are you carrying right now?
Which items do you always have in your bag?

A wallet with lots of pictures of my children, lip balm, Nars powder in Beach, MAC bronzing powder no. A24, perfume, keys, and Michael Kors aviator sunglasses.
Which fragrance and lip gloss do you carry?
Orlane lip gloss no. 40—and my signature scent is “Heidi Klum.” Check it out on my website, HeidiKlum.com.
What should a woman always carry with her?
Breath mints—because you never know…
For women such as yourself who are always on the go, do you recommend carrying snacks in your bag?
Absolutely. You have to keep your body nourished when you’re running around. I always carry protein bars and shakes made by my trainer, David Kirsch.

shockingly tacky August 14, 2007

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I watch E! like religion, but Katie & Peter has never been one of my favorites, mostly because I find Katie Price to be vacant and obnoxious (not to mention completely drowning within her own artifice) but the latest installment detailing the events of their 2005 pink-encrusted, fairytale nuptuals definitely took the cake.

I’m all for pink and froufrou (in my own world I scream it), and when you make bank exploiting yourself, money’s no object so why not splurge on an insanely foofy, all-out wedding with a Cinderella carriage and whatnot? Because it’s just so tacky, and the world is laughing at you.  Well, at least tittering behind your back, or to the entire British press. The dress was “pretty,” but it was like a 6-year old’s dress-up. Nothing timeless or truly beautiful or fashionable about it; Vera Wang would shudder at the thought of styling Katie.

Perhaps subtract the giant blinged-out crown (which looks like it would be more at home on top of a perfume bottle) and mute the pink of the dress and it would be a lot classier. But then also…a lot less Katie and Peter.

We think their repeat performance was much better, with Katie in a soft cream satin dress.

Far more elegant, bravo!

hot couple July 26, 2007

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You have to admit, Victoria and David Beckham are the hottest couple around.

They are so hot. I’m ridiculously jealous. Click here for the article from this month’s W.